3 Metaverse Stocks You Must Invest Into Now

Jan 8, 2022 | Metaverse

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Stocks are the most popular and common type of investment today and we know that it consists of a wide range of companies. Examples include Apple, Tesla and Netflix stocks out of the 500 that is tracked by the S&P 500 Index. Now there is a small percentage of companies now entering the Metaverse space which is a great sign for people to start investing in. The Metaverse combines virtual and augmented reality that are emerging technologies set for the digitalisation of worlds becoming a place for people to work, play, shop and socialize. The stocks that can give you exposure to the Metaverse with high returns are gaming software developers such as Nividia, Unity and Matterport who are companies leading the development of the Metaverse space and playing a big role of facilitating the Metaverse’s environment for users to interact with. As the Metaverse is soon to be blowing up, it is best to get into the companies stocks early so high returns will be made through the popularity increase of the Metaverse in the mere future!

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0:14 – What is the Metaverse?
0:43 – Nividia
1:24 – Unity
1:55 – Matterport
2:16 – Conclusion

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